If you have been diagnosed with Afib (atrial fibrillation, know that there are others out there with the same condition which means you are not alone. Afib is a common type of heart arrhythmia which is to say the heart has an abnormal rhythm. Atrial fibrillation occurs when the electrical signals that should make the heart have a normal beating rhythm fail to work as expected. People with atrial fibrillation usually feel a fluttering sensation in the chest, and their heart might race or skip beats. 

Your relationships, stamina, and emotional health are affected when you have atrial fibrillation. But you gain more control and feel better when you intentionally work on taking care of yourself. The following are useful tips that you can use to manage your Afib condition. Discuss with your doctor on how Afib is changing how you lead your life. The doctor can only make treatments as suitable as possible when you let them know how your life has changed since learning that you have atrial fibrillation. Learn more about Afib and caffeine here.

If you have limited or stopped some activities because you fear it could worsen your Afib condition,let your doctor know. Your doctor should explain to you how you should pace yourself and when you should see a doctor because when you have Afib, there is always the risk of heart failure.

 The other important thing is to know your stroke risk. People at with Afib are five times at risk of stroke than those without. The doctor will look at your risk of stroke and suggest ways through which you can minimize the chances of getting a stroke. 

The other way of living an optimal life when you have Afib is to be serious with medications and to take the prescriptions correctly as the doctor prescribed. When you adhere to your doctor’s prescription with accuracy, you reduce the chances of getting a stroke as well as stabilizing your heart rate. In case you get side effects for using the drugs,talk to your doctor about it but never stop using the medicine until the doctor gives you a nod. Afib has been known to change how electrical signals are transferred as well as the shape and size of the heart. Therapies and medications can help regulate this condition. Discover more about Afib by visiting the Afib Matters website now.

 When you have Afib, you must treat, manage and control other conditions like high blood pressure,thyroid disorders and high cholesterol. Work on eating well by ensuring that the food items are healthy for your heart as well as the general body well-being. Cigarettes, alcohol, and caffeine are not good for your Afib condition. If you are overweight,find ways of losing extra weight as well as doing exercises recommended for your life and you will be healthy even with Afib. For more information, click on this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Management_of_atrial_fibrillation.